We're proud to welcome the arrival of Huf Worldwide's 2016 summer collection into our doors. We're heavily stocked with a plethora of goods ranging from an assortment of high quality sock styles, to jerseys, long sleeve tees, short sleeves, button ups, and shoes from Huf's newest drop. The Huf Classic Hi ESS TX is a new addition to the presence on this shoe in their line offering a durable and thick canvas, which will provide for a lasting canvas style shoe with a new lower rate of $64.95 on this shoe. The Huf Classic Lo in sage is a spot on color way to both accommodate the likings of a timeless summer look.
Our offerings in socks from Huf is as extensive as ever; featuring the likings of the Huf Have a Bi Polar Day Crew Socks, the Huf Performance Bar Logo Crew Socks, the Huf Two Bar Crew Socks, the Huf China Beach Crew Socks, the Huf Prick Crew Socks, the Huf Performance Crew Socks, the Huf Bruiser Crew Socks, and the Huf Performance No Show Socks.
Aside from pleasuring the likings of your feet of course we're well supplied with a number of tops from Huf this summer. A few choice tops that we've got in recently are the Huf Triangle Jersey, the Huf 1984 Longsleeve tee, the Huf Script Enzyme Wash henley, the Huf Mineral Wash 3rd Eye Trip tee, and the Huf Skate or Don't tee.
This is all alongside one of the largest shipments of Huf headwear that we've received to date as well. There's no doubt that Huf makes some of the highest quality, original fitting caps out there and we weren't shy to acknowledge that heavily this summer season. Some of the offers we have for headwear are the Huf Prick 6 Panel hat, the Huf Triple Triangle Volley hat, the Huf Classic H 6 panel in a multitude of colors and material options, alongside many others. Get it while the getting's good, for this all won't last too long with the beautiful weather we're riding on right now.

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