For those that don't know, Refuge Skateshop has put on a contest called King of the ave for five years now. Loosely based on Thrasher's "King of The Road" contest, 5 skaters and one filmer have about 2.5 days to film a part and complete some challenges. All spots must be on Michigan Ave. which stretches from Detroit to Chicago. We had skaters on two teams this year: Team Hyeana (Jordan Zuppke, Adam Mueller, Tony Christopher, Dom Borowitz, Filmer: Matt Wilson) and Ruff Ryders (Roberto Rodriguez, Jerrod Skropski, Alex Knox, Charlie Ryan, Mike Krok, Filmer: Scott Smith). The Ruff Ryders took the win this year, but there were plenty of excellent parts, many bangers went down and the bar has no doubt, been raised. In my mind, there was like a four way tie for first. I wouldn't want to judge this one...

November 01, 2012 — Bejamin Clarke


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