People Skate Shop is proud to be one of the few shops selected to have a special Black Friday 11/23/12 release of Bryan Herman's new shoe, The G6 in Black/Gum. 

The Emerica Herman G6 in Black/Gum opens a new chapter in Emerica skate shoes. These feature a lightweight 3 piece sole, tons of ventilation and protection to keep you skating longer. No more herringbone grip, price point materials, heel bruises, or quality concerns here!  Bryan Herman wanted a high quality, durable shoe that didn't hurt his feet jumping down stuff. The classics were not cutting it, So It was time to radically redesign a shoe. Herman and Reynolds have been very involved in the process of making this (and the Reynolds coming this spring) and it shows. True innovation for real skateboarders. Emerica is back to making the best shoes around and they are worth every penny!



November 21, 2012 — Bejamin Clarke

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