Andrew Reynolds had been hard at work filming his Baker and Emerica Video parts and realized, he needed a shoe that could handle frontside flipping big gaps and still wake up able to skate the next day. The Boss and Herman came to Emerica both looking for the same thing, sick of heel bruises and tricks like doubling up insoles had gotten old. 

Emerica was founded with the principle of being a higher quality, more durable skate shoe for someone skating hard. Their Promodels needed a complete overhaul and more than anything, a more durable, more impact resistant sole. Out of this concept, two shoes have been born, The G6 released last December and The Reynolds, a Mid-top now available.

"The Reynolds" is Andrew Reynolds 6th pro model shoe and it's a mid-top. After years of thin vulcanized shoes, Reynolds changed it up and gave us a cup sole featuring a full-length high-impact G6 high-rebound foam midsole and gum rubber outsole supportive enough to handle the big skating he is know for.

Moving forward, Emerica has ditched the thin "herringbone" tread pattern for triangle tread patterns and a solid heel tread panel for maximum grip to reduce wear.  

Having skated a few of the vulcanized reynolds shoes (the Reynolds 3, The Cruizer) and a few other Es's shoes with old style sole, for the first week I would be stoked on how much grip and board feel I got. However, somewhere around week 2, the padding flattened out, the soles were bald and slippery on ramps or smooth dusty surfaces. I was ready to get rid of them well before the uppers were worn out. I can only imagine how someone like Reynolds could handle repeatedly jumping down the huge stair sets. They were too thin for just standing around.

The Reynolds features a breathable tongue and medial sidewall with Herman G6-inspired cold air intake to keep feet temperatures regulated. Also providing some extra impact resistance for when a board gets away from you and smacks you're foot. Also, it provides a more technical looking detail that the shoe is inspired by. The Reynolds is constructed with one solid upper panel covering the toe and ollie area built out of durable premium smooth suede that is extra thick providing improved durability and better flick. Waxed laces give the shoe a richer look and feel and they are just a bit harder to rip and less ugly when they fray.

If you're looking for a higher tech, well padded shoe because your sick of skateboarding hurting your feet. Try out Emerica's The Reynolds, Who knows, it might just make the shot.

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