We are happy to announce the addition of Alltimers™ to our store.

    Alltimers is a small, yet very successful, New York City skateboard brand. Started up by Pryce Holmes and Rob Harris, Alltimers throws the modus operandi of conventional skateboard companies out the window. Operating under the mantra of luxurious undertones such as the now-famous VIP lounge martini glass logo, Alltimers embraces pop culture iconography, exemplifies the extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous and offers social commentary on how a bunch of broke-ass skaters are always welcome in every nightclub in New York City despite being a bunch of dirtbag miscreants.

     Alltimers certainly has the team to back their brand. They just added on Zered Bassett as their first pro. We're big fans of Dr. Z here at People. Dude rips. 

Welcome to Alltimers - Zered Bassett from Alltimers on Vimeo.

It features, as of late, many exemplary Canadians, chief amongst them being Ben Blundell, Dustin Henry, Charles Revard, Will Marshall, Etienne Gagne, Gabe Hazell, and Tyler Warren. From New York City they have Conor Prunty, Adam Zhu, and the dude I'm most hyped on, Adrian Vega. Not included in this edit is Boston head Brian Delaney, who will hopefully get bumped up to being fully on sooner than later. Here is their most recent edit, "Yo, Best Idea" 

Their newest line of products is straight fire. We love their iconic VIP lounge logo shirts, which are made from sturdy heavyweight cotton that will hold up to years of abuse and spilled cocktails. These Alltimers peachy long sleeve tees are sure to impress your girlfriend and make your arms look peachy. After that all night bender, an Alltimers hat is precisely what you'll need to hide last night indiscretions. They also produced a series of unique one-off board graphics that feature pop culture icons such as this Alltimers Labyrinth deck. The Alltimers Daggering deck pays homage to the aggressive pelvic thrusts of this Jamaican dance style. Showing their logo chops the Alltimers rainbow prism deck will make your skating sparkle. Hey, why not try getting rustic with this Alltimers charcuterie board. If you want something to cruise around on in style, look no further than this iconic Alltimers flip phone board. Here's a list of all of our Alltimers products that can enhance your life in ways you never thought possible... Increase productivity... Maximize your satisfaction...  Make the right decision... Go with AlltimersTM

Here's the classic "It's Pickle Time" video from 2016 featuring the canadian trio of excellence: Ben Blundell, Dustin Henry and Charles Rivard. 


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