We've long been supporters of Polar Skate Co, a progressive, forward thinking skateboard company run out of Malmö, Sweden by Pontus Alv. Pontus was disheartened by the state of the conventional skateboard industry, feeling as though it had lost its sense of direction in terms of skateboarding purity. He decided to carve his own niche by starting up his own company, leading it in the direction he felt went along with his sense of what true skateboarding is.

Whilst riding for now-defunct Cliché skateboards, he quit and decided to use what little funds he had left to start his own company. His creative vision, eye for skateboarding talent, and his own all-terrain skateboard abilities paid off, for Polar is now one of the most universally respected skateboard brands out.

Pontus doesn't compromise on his brand's integrity. He works hard to ensure that things are running smoothly and that his products are of the highest quality. From spending 3 years filming and editing Polar's magnum opus video, "In Search of the Miraculous", to sourcing all his articles of clothing to be made in the European Union, to having his decks made at Generator Wood-shop in the United States, Pontus Alv is a rare breed in skateboarding these days.

Pontus gains inspiration through skateboarding's various cultural influences, from music, art, videos and photography, this guy is a real jack-of-all-trades, master of all. He rips on a skateboard, is a talented artist, photographer, and videographer, and all-around an amazing person. This inspiration is reflected in the artwork found on his decks. He refuses to settle for logo boards, instead painting his own graphics or commissioning amazing artists to do it for him.

In return, each graphic has you contemplating whether to skate it or hang it up on your wall. Each article of clothing is built to last and aesthetically unique. It's fit and finish is exemplary and you can tell Pontus puts a lot of thought into what materials he uses and how they are constructed.

This new spring 2017 is just as polished as always. If you've had an article of clothing from Polar beforehand, you know how well it holds up. Our favorite this season is Aaron Herrington's signature jacket in rose. Their olive green cargo pants are a close second, featuring a stretchy, lightweight construction similar to a jogger. It's all the comfort and range of motion associated with sweatpants with the look of a classic olive cargo pant. These are a bit roomier than the average pant we carry, a welcome attribute as the days get hotter.

Their new line also features a Dane Brady doodle hat in blue and Wavy Skater caps in purple, black, and pastel green. The Polar Skate Co. Default hood comes in a light pastel powder blue and the classic black. They feature minimal branding and a lightweight, breathable construction of cotton and polyester, providing you with an athletic feel that helps wick away moisture, keeping you warm and dry.

There are three new longsleeve shirts this season, the Polar Skate Co. Cut Out Fill Logo in white with a graphic logo on the back, and a black longsleeve with minimal branding in a 3M reflective gunmetal gray racing-style sleeve print. This longsleeve is a similar concept to the later, featuring faces all alongside the sleeve and a Polar Skate Co. logo on the chest, printed on a black longsleeve.

Last but not least, they offered up this Polar Skate Co. Wavy Faces tee featuring one of their iconic pieces of artwork. If you're ever skating around town and hate having your belongings in your pocket, the Polar Skate Co. Doodle Hip Pack gives you a place to put all your gear, from phone, wallet, and even a small point and shoot camera.

Polar has been consistently killing it over the years and we hope that this brand continues their timeless legacy over the next few.

Stay inspired.

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