Quasi Skateboards is continuing on their steadfast track to success with their contrarian vision for skateboarding, radical graphics, and incredible team. We're so hyped that they put on Al Davis recently. Chad Bowers makes sure that the riders get a say on the graphics, so we're stoked that Al's debut deck is a graphic featuring his mother, which was Quasi's name before they got hit with a copyright infringement by another non-skate brand with the same name.

Here's a little welcome clip Quasi put out. Footage of him skating is always a treat, from the GX1000 videos to his clips in Spirit Quest and CONS videos.


In case you missed it, here's Tyler Bledsoe's "All Clear OK" part that came out earlier this year.


We've got an 8.375 deck with his name on it. He's such an underrated skateboarder and we're stoked to support him.

Here's a little refresher of Gilbert Crockett's Quasi part from last year... The dude has so much power.

We've got his pro model with a rad "Bass" graphic in an 8.25.

Here are some clips of Jake John the Don from the new GX1000 video...

We got in this beautiful Jake Johnson pro model deck with ocean view graphic in an 8.125.

And as per usual, Quasi dropped some very aesthetically pleasing apparel this spring, the highlight of which is this Anoraq waterproof windbreaker with a 3M reflective Quasi logo print... Comes in dark navy and a light, off-white cream color.

We also got the NASA-inspired "Carl" t-shirt. Nice to have a sick graphic, printed on the back only.

Here's the rest of our Quasi collection...

Enjoy the spring weather everyone!

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