Michigan's snowfall this year was seemingly at an all time low, or at least if your a snowboarder at least it felt so; despite that it didn't hold the boys over at Mt. Holly back from building up one of the most progressive parks in the midwest scene. Here's a glimpse into what Holly's local scene was up to during the months of January and February in a late release edit compiled by shop head Brandon Ash. Brandon and Andrew Carroll seized the opportunity to jump aboard Holly's park program this winter alongside Rome Snowboards Insurgent Matt Ruhle, homie Aaron Senchuk, and Park Bully expert Zach Laverdiere. Without their efforts in corporation with the management staff this winter would have been a little more painful locally without a park such as this to get out onto; many more big moves to be seen in coming season's.

The Interior Plain Project Test-Pilot Andrew Carroll with a FS Blunt Mute 270

Photo: Scott Smith

 Trevor Newman with a Wallie-Nosepress as Brandon Ash gets the clip

Photo: Scott Smith

April 02, 2016 — Ben Clarke

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