Brett Kulas Backlip to fakie

Nathan Kudla is a long-time friend of the shop and recent Utah transplant. His Michigan roots run deep, growing up riding Pink Knob and then Cannonsburg when college brought him to the west-side of the state. Last season, he made a video entitled, Total Revenue which we premiered alongside Rendered Useless and 2032. The Total Revenue crew got back together this season in Utah and made this edit...

Reunion from Nathan Kudla on Vimeo.


Riders in order: Sam Schowalter, Harrison McIlhargey, Jacob Craffey, Nathan Kudla, Pete Cimmino, Jeff, and Brett Kulas

Film: Nathan Kudla
Additional Filming: Harrison McIlhargey
Edit: Nathan Kudla

Brett Kulas Front Blunt 270 out

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