Just in: Union Custom House Asymbol TR 2 bindings designed by Bryan Iguchi 

We're one of the lucky retailers that get the opportunity to stock Union Custom House Bindings. Custom House bindings have created a legacy of very rare binding creations with special packaging and a good story to go with it.

For this round, Union teamed up with Asymbol for a second time and let snowboard legend, Bryan Iguchi (the Guch!) create his dream binding. The Asymbol binding features the Atlas base with 3d extruded heel cups, sonic fused straps, team highbacks, the new and greatly improved toe straps, all connected with magnesium buckles.

Everything about this binding has been crafted to enhance your connection to the mountain and to the spirit of riding. Bryan Iguchi's original artwork pays homage to the mighty buffalo that still roam beneath the Tetons, and to the Native American hunting tradition of the buffalo jump.  Included is a custom binding box that does double duty as a carrying case for all your essential items. Mesh zippered compartments hold snowboard gear, headphones, vinyl, camera gear, laptop… whatever you need for a day on the hill or on the road.

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Sarah haddix said:

Hello do you have Mens Asymbol Bindings 2015, Black-Blue in stock???

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