The 2014 / 2015 Airblaster Sasquatch Alpine Surf Club is offered to very few dealers and embodies what Airblaster is all about Fun Nasty (sustainable) Fun. Also, Staying Dry and warm in even the nastiest conditions Psycho Ex-lover nature can throw at you.

The Airblaster Sasquatch collection features Backdoor-Tex fabrics which are upcycled premium scraps from leading outerwear manufactures. Taking sustainability and eco-friendliness to a whole new level. Airblaster master craftsman meticulously CAD's out the scraps, and turn them into: The Airblaster Yeti 3L Jacket in Rusty and Rainstorm (Pictured), The Airblaster Goat Man jacket in Grandpa, The Airblaster Squid Bib 3L in Olive and Silverback. Guys aren't the only folks hyped on sustainable Air Blasting, so the Sasquatch delivers The Airblaster Sassy Sunggler jacket in Blue Vibes and The Airblaster Sassy High Waisted pant in black.


In Search of Sasquatch from Airblaster on Vimeo.


Sure, maybe you could do the same thing dumpster diving at industrial factories, but you wouldn't get something hand numbered with love and the plane ticket to china would cost more than the jacket. Save yourself a lot of time and headache and Join the Airblaster Alpine Surf Club by buying a piece of outwear today.

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