Season-after-season it's without doubt that Vans is the #1 contender of snowboard boot sales here in our shop. From the moment you first pick up any model of vans boot it can be seen clearly as to why this is the case. With streamline quality and designs inside and outside Vans pays meticulous attention to every detail of their boots; from the consideration of how a boot should flex, hold up over time, break in, and remain tact to your feet they cover it all.
The Vans Hi-Standard Boots is one of the most timeless staples in the industry right now; whether you're into tech rail riding, cruising side-hits, or bringing your skate influence to the snow these will satisfy your needs. The Vans V-66 Boots embody a similar design externally, with a higher quality liner, additional rubber treading on the sole, and leather accents on the exterior construction. The V-66 is an all mountain inspired boot design. The Vans Implant Boot has similar design in mind for all mountain riding however have several key features that set the two apart. The Implant has a bit more of a two piece exterior design, making for natural flexibility at the bend in the ankle; this is incorporated with the Hybrid Boa System that tightens strictly the area that promotes heel lift. The Vans Encore Boot is a lightweight and responsive boot that runs a Boa system from top to bottom making for quick easy in-and-out access. For the ladies we stocked heavily on the Vans Ferra Boot, which is essentially the women's version of the Implant. sharing key features such as the two part exterior construction, sole construction, and Hybrid Boa System.

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