We all strive for mastery when piloting a snowboard beneath our feet, whether it be in spirit of creative self-expression, freedom, and or to seek solitude. In order to master the said craft, we must alter our approach with great vigor and frequency. We're shapeshifter's if you will, seekers of alternative and new routes, in order to broaden our outlook. It's what seperates sport from art. We're very honored to welcome Interior Plain Project's SHAPE SHFTR collection to our store for the 16/17 season; marking the fifth season of projecting midwest snowboarding onto a higher plain.
The Interior Plain Project is the backbone of snowboarding's renaissance; a unique and original brand that came into snowboarding at a time where snowboarding in many respects, feels over-saturated and played-out. Pete Harveiux, the brains behind the project, is one of the most passionate, experienced, and influential heads in the industry and without question pilots this company with wholesome integrity. The Interior Plain Project Harrow and Interior Plain Project Honalee are based around the concept of premium medium; something that can take to a multitude of conditions with ease. The Harrow is the softer and more forgiving of the two, making it favored by rail riders; whereas the Honalee cruises with 6mm of positive camber making it a more direct and aggressive ride. Of course, with variation of size and riding style there are many approaches that can be taken between these two boards.
Alongside the boards we've also received a large portion of the Shapeshftr clothing line. For those familiar with that's good in skate culture right now, we've stocked up on the 6 Panel Icon Dad Hat; for all you daddies out there. We've also received the Shape Shftr Icon Fold Beanie, as well as the Shape Shftr Icon Pullover and Interior Plain Project Icon Pullover for those trying to keep warm amongst the cold. Last but not least, we have the we have the Shape Shftr Icon Tee in grey and Shape Shftr Tee in black. For the hardgoods and garments we've got you covered. Like IPP, we are preveyors of that premium medium. Come see what's good. Our shelves are stocked!

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