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Interior Plain Project SHAPE SHFTR Collection Arrivals

We all strive for mastery when piloting a snowboard beneath our feet, whether it be in spirit of creative self-expression, freedom, and or to seek solitude. In order to master the said craft, we must alter our approach with great vigor and frequency. We're shapeshifter's if you will, seekers of alternative and new routes, in order to broaden our outlook. It's what seperates sport from art. We're very honored to welcome Interior Plain Project's SHAPE SHFTR collection to our store for the 16/17 season; marking the fifth season of projecting midwest snowboarding onto a higher plain. The Interior Plain Project is the backbone of snowboarding's renaissance; a unique and original brand that came into snowboarding at a time where snowboarding in...

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One Afternoon/Evening In Michigan by Stewart smith

Here's some solid riding from the BBNBN crew (Mark Hartmann, Alec Ash, Dominic Palarichio, Chad Wolfe, and Jack Harris). Good filming and editing by Stewart Smith. He always brings the fire.Get hyped and go ride! One Afternoon/Evening In Michigan from S2 Filmworks on Vimeo.  

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