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Flanel "When It Happens" teaser

The Flanel Crew was back at it again, making their newest video entitled, "When It Happens." Despite dismal snow conditions and unseasonably warm temperatures, they managed to pull it together by taking advantage of the snow, when it happened.   To make a video on a year like this takes flexibility, mental agility, and above all, a little Mike Harrington. "The weather this season in Michigan was the worst it's been in 6 or 7 years, it barely snowed. We decided to not cry about it, adapt, overcome and make a movie." When It Happens (Teaser) from Flanel Lifestyles on Vimeo. Featuring Charles Beck, Tyler May, Jackie Lammert, Matt Miller, Sam Schowalter, Lucas Patrick, Eric Starke, Dusty Miller and Brett...

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Take Care Full Length video by Flanel Lifestyles

Our Friends at Flanel Lifestyles spent all last year filming this snowboard video "Take Care" Mike Harrington has refined his video editing and filming over the years and it shows. A solid sound track of relevant indie artists and a dark gritty aesthetic show the point of view of midwest winters perfectly.   TAKE CARE (Full Video) from Flanel Lifestyles on Vimeo. Sleepless nights, long drives, endless spot searches, set up's and tear downs. Tons of work goes into every video he makes and they are more than worthy of a watch.   featuring our dudes: Jack Harris and Matt Ruhle and our friends: Charlie Hoffman, Trevor Newman, Eric Starke, Matt Miller, Dan Pandzic, Mac Eckstrand, Dusty Miller and Tyler May. You...

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Flanel "Hype Era" teaser

Flanel Lifestyles dropped their "Hype Era" teaser and it's full of high quality riding that is sure to get you hyped! Full of homies, team riders, employees. Mike Harrington is a machine. Sleepless nights, countless trips, tens of thousands of miles to bring you smiles.   Hype Era (Trailer) from Flanel Lifestyles on Vimeo. The past 6 months of our lives, spent snowboarding, traveling, eating shitty food, getting in trouble and filming this video. Featuring Matt Miller, Charlie Hoffman,Paul Dobry, Jack Harris, Al Pal, Tyler May, Alec Ash, Adam Rottschafer, Mac Eckstrand and several others. Brought to you by Rome Snowboards, Burton Snowboards, Flanel Lifestyles, People Skate and Snow, Oven Mittens Co and Murder Mitten

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