Jack Harris front board pretzel

Our Friends at Flanel Lifestyles spent all last year filming this snowboard video "Take Care" Mike Harrington has refined his video editing and filming over the years and it shows. A solid sound track of relevant indie artists and a dark gritty aesthetic show the point of view of midwest winters perfectly.

Matt Rhule Nosepress


TAKE CARE (Full Video) from Flanel Lifestyles on Vimeo.

Sleepless nights, long drives, endless spot searches, set up's and tear downs. Tons of work goes into every video he makes and they are more than worthy of a watch.

 People Skate and Snowboard splash screen

featuring our dudes: Jack Harris and Matt Ruhle and our friends: Charlie Hoffman, Trevor Newman, Eric Starke, Matt Miller, Dan Pandzic, Mac Eckstrand, Dusty Miller and Tyler May. You guys killed it!

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