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Filmin' February 2014 WINNERS!

We would like to thank each and everyone who submitted videos! Without you and your hard work, this would be a very boring contest. Fortunately, with 22 serious submissions, all of the judges had their work cut out for them! I don't know if you have ever watched that many edits in a day, but it is no easy task to keep them straight... Fortunately, the judges were up for the task! This season we had the pleasure of working with:   Justin Meyer - Co Founder of Videograss Pete Harvieux - Owner of The Interior Plains Project   Sean Genovese owner and rider Dinosaurs Will Die   As if getting these dudes to watch your video wasn't enough, We...

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Videograss crew in Michigan!

I have said it for years, Michigan is going to be the next "big thing" Minnesota has gotten the only spotlight in the midwest for too long. We have handrails, natural features and rad people too!The videograss crew rolled through our neck of the woods and landed a little dispatches spot in the snowboarder Magazine. I got to witness they teaser for Videograss' upcoming video "Mayday" and it is going to be insane. Seriously, this is snowboarding. Pure personality. Read about it and check the pictures out on Snowboarder Mag

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