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Jack Harris Full Part by Snowboarder Mag

Our dude, Jack Harris is on Fire! Hyped he got his ender wearing our People Milk Jug logo! Check out his full part by Derek Weimer for Snowboarder Mag "It would be easy to make some sort of offhanded pun about how Jack Harris is definitely somebody and of course not just Knowbuddy, and how this statement is evidenced by the four minutes of clips that Harris stacked over the winter of 2014-15. It would be expected that here at SNOWBOARDER Magazine, we would find a way to put a Knowbuddy pun into this description. While it may seen obvious, fulfilling expectations isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because judging by the countless proper frontboards, redirects, presses, and 270s in the...

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Filmin' February People's Choice contest

Thanks to all of the people that submitted their edits! We always look forward to watching what you guys come up with. We have passed along the edits to be judged by Justin Meyers of Videograss, Lance Hakker of Ashbury Eyewear, Alex Andrews of Burton Snowboards , Lane Knaack of Smokin Snowboards, and Pete Harveiux of The Interior Plain Project. We'll reveal the Filmin' February 2015 winners shortly, but first we wanted to hear from you. The winner of the People's Choice will receive a separate prize pack featuring a Filmin' February t-shirt and a bunch of other useful stuff. Here's what to all of the videos below and vote for your favorite edit below. Share this link (...

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