Matt Dunn Tail Block Knob Project

Matt Dunn 2020 Season Edit

This past 2020 season had some huge highs and low lows. Matt Dunn kept the stoke high building the best terrain park the Michigan has ever seen! With the help of Snowboy Productions, "The Knob Project" became a reality. It brought riders and diggers from all around the country to help make the most of our endless tow rope lines.
The best part is, the park was ours for the ripping all season long.

Here's the best do do it.

The man who built it.

Matt Dunn.

filmed by: Luke Petty

The Knob Project Video

The Knob Project Video

The Knob Project was a collaboration between Pine Knob Resort in Clarkston, Michigan and Snowboy Productions to bring a world renowned park crew into town to make an already great...