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Flanel "Hype Era" teaser

Flanel Lifestyles dropped their "Hype Era" teaser and it's full of high quality riding that is sure to get you hyped! Full of homies, team riders, employees. Mike Harrington is a machine. Sleepless nights, countless trips, tens of thousands of miles to bring you smiles.   Hype Era (Trailer) from Flanel Lifestyles on Vimeo. The past 6 months of our lives, spent snowboarding, traveling, eating shitty food, getting in trouble and filming this video. Featuring Matt Miller, Charlie Hoffman,Paul Dobry, Jack Harris, Al Pal, Tyler May, Alec Ash, Adam Rottschafer, Mac Eckstrand and several others. Brought to you by Rome Snowboards, Burton Snowboards, Flanel Lifestyles, People Skate and Snow, Oven Mittens Co and Murder Mitten

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What did they find at Mt. Holly? Molly.

  Get any early season turns in yet? These homies did! Spencer Alan Whiteman on the early season edit. featuring Men's Burton Midwest and shop rider, Dom Palarchio and fellow Michigan rippers from near and far putting some early season madness down at Mt. Holly. Dom is seen wearing the People Mouth Military Jacket in this edit.     We Found Molly at Holly from Spencer Whiteman on Vimeo.

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