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Flanel Lifestyles at Mt Holly for Mob With Rome Snowboards

Last Sunday, Rome Snowboards Great Lake Insurgents held a "Mob with Rome" event at Mt. Holly to help get some of us shop folk out riding together. However, It did a lot more than that and served as a solid reason for many crews from Burton, Agnarchy, Leader Winch Co, the GR homies, etc. to meet up and shred at Holly (not like anything else was open and had large rails set yet...). Mike Harrington, true to his form, drove down to capture the action. Holly and I Are Going to Give This Long Distance Thing a Shot from Flanel Lifestyles on Vimeo. Featuring Sam Schowalter, Eric Starke, Adam Rottschafer, Matt Ruhle, Tyler May, Alec Ash, Brent Behm and Brett...

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Day After...Sale

Well, the craze is over! Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Now it is time to catch some deals. This weekend we will have 20% off snowboards, 20% off boots and 25% off jackets. Deals only apply to full priced items. Sale starts today and ends Sunday.

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Snowboarding For The Kids

We have kids of our own and they have been out on the hill snowboarding (or at least trying to) since they were three. If you snowboard and have kids share your love for winter and get out there and teach them! At People we have a nice selection of boards, boots, bindings and outerwear to get the kids set up with what they need. For the wee little ones, we definitely recommend using a Buton Riglet Reel when towing your child up the bunny hill for ease. The Burton Riglet Reel attaches nicely to the Burton Youth Chopper. Don't forget it is all about having some fun in the snow!

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