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#Shopsmatter The Interior Plain Project Instagram contest

The Interior Plain Project in conjunction with Yobeat have launched their #Shopsmatter contest. It's pretty simple really, Make a 15 second Instagram edit about what shop do you value? and why? (since you're on our blog it is probably us) and post it with tags #shopsmatter #theinteriorplainproject #yobeat #bloodlines and @peopleskateandsnowboard . This enters you to win a #bloodlinescollection deck and gear from Yobeat. Last year, our now employee, Brandon Ash took the top prize in the #Daggerevent by not only finding the best hidden medallion, but collecting a custom shaped snowboard and filming the top picked 15 second instagram edit. Let's try to keep that momentum going into this season! Tell the story of why what we do is...

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The Interior Plain Project Daggers Event Clue #4

I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of the Interior Plain Project Daggers Event. The amount of participation, engagement, and effort has been really incredible. While you guys haven't had it easy (All of the other Daggers Event Scavenger Hunts have ended in a clue or two); know, you played a much harder game and victory is nothing without a challenge.If you find the medallion, Please take a few photos of where you found it. tag #DaggersEvent so everyone hunting knows to stop (Its cold out there). Full Resolution Photo Clue #12 This has been a lot of fun (for me), But it's high time this game is done. The Clues have pointed you here all...

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