I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of the Interior Plain Project Daggers Event. The amount of participation, engagement, and effort has been really incredible. While you guys haven't had it easy (All of the other Daggers Event Scavenger Hunts have ended in a clue or two); know, you played a much harder game and victory is nothing without a challenge.
If you find the medallion, Please take a few photos of where you found it. tag #DaggersEvent so everyone hunting knows to stop (Its cold out there).

Full Resolution Photo Clue #12

This has been a lot of fun (for me),

But it's high time this game is done.

The Clues have pointed you here all along.

Though in rhyme, the direction remained strong.

Full Resolution Photo clue #13

The medallion's location is not an area cattle can graze

Weave up through the brush to the crux, path like a maze

Full Resolution Photo Clue #14

A previous clue established a boundary that gave it away.

representable in binary, follow it like a lion would hunt prey.


Bring the medallion back to the shop and collect your daggers custom snowboard (yours to keep).
For you the journey has just begun.
You have till December 31st to film a 15 second instagram edit using the daggers board.

You will then have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a 2015 The Interior Plain Project snowboard of your choice.

tag @theinteriorplainproject @peopleskateandsnowboard #DaggersEvent and #SearchFindFilmWin


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