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The Interior Plain Project Daggers Event Clue #4

I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of the Interior Plain Project Daggers Event. The amount of participation, engagement, and effort has been really incredible. While you guys haven't had it easy (All of the other Daggers Event Scavenger Hunts have ended in a clue or two); know, you played a much harder game and victory is nothing without a challenge.If you find the medallion, Please take a few photos of where you found it. tag #DaggersEvent so everyone hunting knows to stop (Its cold out there). Full Resolution Photo Clue #12 This has been a lot of fun (for me), But it's high time this game is done. The Clues have pointed you here all...

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The Interior Plain Project Daggers event clue #1

Full Resolution Photo Clue 1 The Medallion is located just miles from the shop. Checking the full resolution photos on our blog could help you a lot. Full Resolution Photo Clue 2 The hunt will not be easy. Weaving through roads and paths may make you queasy Full Resolution Photo Clue 3 We can't give away too much yet, but searching in this area is your best bet.   Full Resolution Photo Clue 4 In the Orchard is an Apple. When fresh they keep ailments away. Rotten they are where worms stay. In the winter, animals must decide weather to jump in and swim to greener spaces Or set out on a different path and hope to find better places....

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The Interior Plain Project "Daggers" scavenger hunt

The Interior Plain Project has teamed up with us to bring you one of the most unique contests we've ever been a part of...   There are 10 of these medallions hidden all over the midwest. One is hidden within a few miles of our shop. I will be posting clues daily, progressively narrowing in on the location of the medallion. You are to find it, bring it back to the shop and you will be presented with this: It is yours to keep. But the fun doesn't end there... Daggers Event from The Interior Plain Project on Vimeo.     Film a 15 second instagram video and tag @theinteriorplainproject and @Peopleskateandsnowboard. use hashtags #daggersevent #theinteriorplainproject #SearchFindFilmWin by December 31st...

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