Full Resolution Photo Clue 1

The Medallion is located just miles from the shop.

Checking the full resolution photos on our blog could help you a lot.

Full Resolution Photo Clue 2

The hunt will not be easy. Weaving through roads and paths may make you queasy

Full Resolution Photo Clue 3

We can't give away too much yet, but searching in this area is your best bet.


Full Resolution Photo Clue 4

In the Orchard is an Apple.

When fresh they keep ailments away.

Rotten they are where worms stay.

In the winter, animals must decide weather to jump in and swim to greener spaces

Or set out on a different path and hope to find better places.


Any participants who document their search on social media will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts (even if they don't find the medallion). Make sure to tag @theinteriorplainproject @peopleskateandsnowboard #Daggersevent #SearchFindFilmWin

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