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Thirtytwo Quickstrike TM-Two by Scott Stevens and Chris Grenier

What shop was lucky enough to be chosen to carry the Thirty Two Quickstrike TM-Two's by Scott Stevens and Chris Grenier?People Skate and Snowboard We're one of the only shops in the world with these boots! Limited to 100 pairs in each colorway worldwide, you are sure to have a unique boot if you pick these up. The Scott Stevens TM-Two is a mash up of all of his past boots in one loud and sure to be noticed package. The Chris Grenier TM-Two celebrates his east coast Irish pride by rockin' a shamrock on the tongue of this green and black tye dye printed boot. Thirty Two chose the TM-two because it offers the best features that a rider...

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Thirtytwo outerwear and apparel in stock now!

Thirtytwo outerwear and apparel has hit our rack and is ready for purchase online or in store. Thirtytwo is an authentic rider owned and operated brand that pushes technological innovation at solid prices that make us come back for more. From the clean workwear styling found in Scott stevens signature pieces: The Thirtytwo Venice Jacket and the Thirtytwo Wooderson pant to the big, bright, and bold styling of the Thirtytwo Shiloh 2 insulated jacket or the orange lowdown jacket with a blue waterproof zipper, Thirtytwo makes quality outerwear that we want to wear while standing sideways. If your style falls somewhere in the middle, check out the native print in the Thirtytwo Sonora jacket Chris Brewster backs it! Maybe you're...

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