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We Tune Snowboards

Drop your snowboard off at the shop and get it waxed and sharpened by tomorrow for a mere $25. Upgrade to one ball flourinated wax for $5. Add $10 for skis. Don't skimp on tuning. Even if your edges are rounded and full of birs from hitting rails, rocks, skiers, etc... You benefit from cleaning up the edges. We're in tune with your needs and will set your edges proper. Afterall, who doesn't want to go faster?

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Mt. Holly mini jump contest tomorrow.

Mt. Holly is putting on a mini jump line contest tomorrow, Feb. 8th 2015. This event should be a ton of fun and cheap to enter (Just $5). bring your helmet, Step up your switch game, Do some stretches, Get some grab rails for maximum tweakage. Come out to support this fun event and win some cash and stuff! Mt. Holly has been killing the game this season! More events, more features, frequent maintenance and park changes. So hyped to see you guys stepping it up this season. keep it up!

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Welcome our newest snowboard team member...

We'd like to welcome the newest member to our snowboard team: Jack Harris! If you have ever been around Jack, you know, riding with him is always a good time. Not only does he kill it on a snowboard. He Kills it at Life. Whether it was grooming Hawk Island, digging at High Cascade, detailing cars. This guy has skills! JACK WELCOME from Peopleskateandsnow on Vimeo.  

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