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Flanel Lifestyles "Efforts"

  Flanel Lifestyle's Mike Harrington has faithfully produced Michigan Snowboarding videos about as long as People has been a snowboard store. He's non-stop productive season after season. Pushing through the years where we have had tons of snow, to the seasons where it has been bone dry or rainy. Scraping together snow, like he scrapes together an edit or full length. It is the effort that makes the project and with that, he brings us his last Michigan Snowboard video. Mike is moving west on to bigger slopes and we couldn't be more stoked for him! Efforts: A Love Story from Flanel Lifestyles on Vimeo. Featuring Tye Kowalski, Dusty Miller, Tyler May, Adam Rottschafer, Jack Harris, Adam Homi, Jackie Lammert,...

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