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Making Arrangements - Drake Warner Season Edit

There is no denying that Drake Warner is one of the most promising young riders we've ever seen. Now 13, he's starting to develop his own style and his bag of tricks is vast. I mean, He has more switch rail tricks than most have regular... He's consistent too. He took 3rd in the Burton Qualifiers Finals at Seven Springs this past March. Michigan is known for turning out some big names in national snowboarding. Keep him on your radar. Makin Arrangements from Kyle Capstick on Vimeo. Drake Warner is on the People Snowboard team and a Rome SDS Great Lakes Insurgent.

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Filmin' February People's Choice contest

Thanks to all of the people that submitted their edits! We always look forward to watching what you guys come up with. We have passed along the edits to be judged by Justin Meyers of Videograss, Lance Hakker of Ashbury Eyewear, Alex Andrews of Burton Snowboards , Lane Knaack of Smokin Snowboards, and Pete Harveiux of The Interior Plain Project. We'll reveal the Filmin' February 2015 winners shortly, but first we wanted to hear from you. The winner of the People's Choice will receive a separate prize pack featuring a Filmin' February t-shirt and a bunch of other useful stuff. Here's what to all of the videos below and vote for your favorite edit below. Share this link (...

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