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Communication by Dominic Palarchio

Dominic Palarchio dropped a heater edit that might mark the moment when you look forward to snow again! Riding your snowboard is a means of communication. You can speak with your riding. Have a voice. A style. Inspire others. Get them to see the landscape differently and create. No one rides street in a bubble. It takes a crew and communication is key. Everyone around here knows this was a challenging season, the snow just did not cooperate and street riding took a crazy amount of commitment and willingness to drop everything and shovel as much snow together to make something out of nothing. To do so takes Communication with your crew. You don't just accidentally get shots when you...

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"Baby" by Dominic Palarchio Full Video

"Baby" is the most low-key slept on snowboard video of the 2017 season. Taking a very different approach from the hype generic promotional material, "Baby" is a labor of love beholden to none. The progressive editing style of Dominic Palarchio offers a fresh vibe in a world of energy drink sponsors and product placement. He wanted "Baby" to be something you seek out, rather than cramming down your throat. There is infinitely more value in something that you discover and seek out, and share with your friends. baby from Dominic Palarchio on Vimeo. "Baby" is a two year snowboard video project filmed by Dominic Palarchio, Addison Beeker, and Brandon Ash. The video features many of our team riders and friends...

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Flanel "Hype Era" teaser

Flanel Lifestyles dropped their "Hype Era" teaser and it's full of high quality riding that is sure to get you hyped! Full of homies, team riders, employees. Mike Harrington is a machine. Sleepless nights, countless trips, tens of thousands of miles to bring you smiles.   Hype Era (Trailer) from Flanel Lifestyles on Vimeo. The past 6 months of our lives, spent snowboarding, traveling, eating shitty food, getting in trouble and filming this video. Featuring Matt Miller, Charlie Hoffman,Paul Dobry, Jack Harris, Al Pal, Tyler May, Alec Ash, Adam Rottschafer, Mac Eckstrand and several others. Brought to you by Rome Snowboards, Burton Snowboards, Flanel Lifestyles, People Skate and Snow, Oven Mittens Co and Murder Mitten

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