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~ People, like my previous snowboarding films, attempts to end complacency of the genre’s conventions. While paying to snowboard at a resort can be viewed as bourgeois, street snowboarding has always been a reinterpretation of the built environment. I’m interested in taking that thought a step further by incorporating outside influences. Through careful curation we selected a majority of dilapidated post industrial locations in the rust belt cities of Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo. Visual acts of snowboarding thus can begin to represent the regrowth of these areas plagued by late-capitalism.

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Most notable of the selection is a modernist ‘adventure park’ designed by acclaimed architect Richard Dattner. Once a symbol of progress it reflected the children’s interests rather than playground conventions. Current day the structure rests unused, crumbling and overgrown beyond repair.

Dominic Palarchio Boating

Featuring: Alec Ash, Brandon Ash, Brett Kulas, Dominic Palarchio, John Kubiak, Kristen Theos, and Paul Dobry

With support from: People Skate and Snowboard, Public Snowboards, and The Degenerati

~ People from Dominic Palarchio on Vimeo.

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