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"Baby" by Dominic Palarchio Full Video

"Baby" is the most low-key slept on snowboard video of the 2017 season. Taking a very different approach from the hype generic promotional material, "Baby" is a labor of love beholden to none. The progressive editing style of Dominic Palarchio offers a fresh vibe in a world of energy drink sponsors and product placement. He wanted "Baby" to be something you seek out, rather than cramming down your throat. There is infinitely more value in something that you discover and seek out, and share with your friends. baby from Dominic Palarchio on Vimeo. "Baby" is a two year snowboard video project filmed by Dominic Palarchio, Addison Beeker, and Brandon Ash. The video features many of our team riders and friends...

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Baby Teaser

Dominic Palarchio (Filmin' February 2015 winner), Addison Beeker, and Brandon Ash (Daggers event winner) are combining efforts to drop a full length snowboard video called, "Baby" slated to be finished in 2016. Baby teaser from Dominic Palarchio on Vimeo. While a human baby takes only 9 months, something this good is just going to have to gestate a bit longer. I promise, it will be worth the wait. Featuring everyone who works at the shop and many of Michigan's finest, I have no doubt this baby will be one for the record books.

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