Mike Harrington is the man behind the lens at Flanel Lifestyles; the crew that showcases the likings of Michigan snowboarders such as Charles Beck, Tyler May, Jackie Lammert, Trevor Newman, Matt Miller, Sam Schowalter, Lucas Patrick, Eric Starke, Dusty Miller and our shop rider Bret Kulas. When It Happens is Flanel's third full-length video release and surely is one of the best productions that Mike has made to date. Mike and all the people he films have been hard at work during one of the works Michigan winters to date. To tide us over through the season they have unleaded countless edits from Cannonsburg, that was however all alongside the hard work they put in the Michigan streets when the snow was present, with that said we're proud to present to you Flanel's latest release "When It Happens"!
June 08, 2016 — Ben Clarke

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