L1 Premium Goods has a keen focus on the brand's quality of product. One of our favorites to have in the shop. Their whole line pays a lot of attention to detail, the fabrics they use, design and ultimately fit. The collection really blends the line between what you wear on the mountain and on the street. L1 teamed up with Lifetime Collective and created the Brewin jacket. Take a look here:
L1 also has an amazing women's line! The ladies at the shop favorite is the Blackheart Jacket.
Their snowpants are not anything like those puffy, bright ones you wore as a kid. They may be even mistaken as jeans. Check out these Heartbreaker pant in acid wash and black wax denim.
Check out what their snow team is up to here http://l1premiumgoods.com/en/team
December 17, 2015 — Ben Clarke

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