Last year when word got out that Adidas was going to get into snowboarding, It was met with both enthusiasm and skepticism. Another sporting goods giant entering into the boot market? buying up a team of the best riders... Even at SIA, we only got to see rough prototypes of the boots. So what made me want to put the 3 stripes on our snowboard boot wall?

Adidas has always made a high quality product. With most shoe brands I can always point to a miss here and there. A corner being cut that shouldn't have been. Adidas never does that. The products that they put out are of the highest quality using the best materials.

This is apparent in The Blauvelt by Adidas every layer of this boot checks out. from the continental rubber sole, to the liner. No corner was cut, no layer a disappointment. all of the components were designed to last. This is the boot for someone that demands the most of out their equipment and is sick of being let down by boots that blow out early and fall apart too soon.

The Adidas Snowboarding outerwear is going to be a force to reckon with too. They made some very high quality jackets at reasonable price points. Take the Adidas J.V. Senior Insulated Jacket for instance, It is loaded with feature list a mile long. The poly/scafe down replacement is both low odor and super warm. the 10k/10mm with taped seams is enough to keep anyone dry no matter what the conditions. Not failing to mention, this jacket look great. The fabrics are solid and look like a jacket that costs far more.

The Adidas Greeley Ave. Softshell jacket is quite possible the perfect jacket for those that hate jackets. It's true, when you lapping the park on a toe rope, you're probably not going to get cold. that's a lot of work. However, You probably are going to sweat. Wouldn't it be nice to take a second too cool down or go ride the chair without a hoodie that doesn't ice up and make you shiver? Soft shell is way more durable than cotton and keeps you much more dry. good style doesn't have to be traded for comfort.

For when it does get exceptionally cold The Adidas Nimick top and Nimick Pants will keep you warm, dry, and riding longer. they also double as the best post riding pant you can buy. They use recycled coffee grounds to keep the odor down and they have a slim fit (for a track style pant) with tons of stretch. don't feel bad working these into your day to day wearing.

Where Adidas differs from other sports or ski companies that have tried to enter into snowboarding is they remain Adidas. Everything in the collection, even without three stripes is true to their design and heritage. They don't appear to be pandering to the cool kids, they are content making the best gear they can and if you're into the style, you will be into this.


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