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Dinosaurs Will Die Holce Snowboard 2022


Dinosaurs Will Die Holce Snowboard 2022 

Jeff Holce pro model

The Dinosaurs Will Die Holce Snowboard is an all mountain ripper with a Mona Lisa smile and a twinkle in its eye. A true twin built with Lowride Camber and centered everything, it's ready for all the tree hittin', cat track sendin', side hit boopin' shenanigans you can throw at it. Life's too short, get yourself a snowboard with a sense of humor!

Lowride Camber – All your friends know the Lowrider version of traditional camber rides at just the right height. It's a goer that knows no boundaries; from the park to the pow, and the street, take a little trip with this under your feet.

Flex Rating – 6/10

Poplar Core with Birch Stringers – The benchmark standard in cores.

Biaxial Glass – A flexible fiberglass layup that is used on the top and bottom of the core.

ABS Sidewall – ABS is an industry standard thermoplastic material used for sandwich constructed boards that adds stiffness and increases durability.

SINtered Base – A strong, high density base with micro pores that hold wax. It's DWD's fastest and most durable base.