FK SKS Racing Plus/Minus Combi-pack Wax 120g


FK SKS Racing Plus/Minus Combi-pack Wax 120g
60g -5* - 23*
60g 23* - 50* F

Unleash the full potential of your snowboard with SKS Racing Universal Wax, a high-performance racing wax meticulously crafted for High and Low temperatures. This 120g wax is your key to enhanced speed, control, and durability, whether you're a competitive racer or an avid snowboarding enthusiast.

Designed for versatility, this universal wax excels in a broad temperature range, making it a reliable choice for various snow conditions. Whether you're gliding through chilly powder or carving down slushy slopes, SKS Racing Universal Wax ensures a smooth and fast ride.

Easy to apply, you can choose between rubbing or ironing methods based on your preference. The wax's compatibility with both application techniques allows for convenient use, catering to different snowboarding styles and preferences.

Key Features:

  • Universal high-performance racing wax suitable for all temperatures
  • Specifically crafted for optimal performance in high and low temperature range.
  • Versatile wax perfect for various snow conditions and terrains
  • 120g size for extended use and multiple applications
  • Works efficiently through rubbing or ironing methods, offering flexibility in application
  • Elevate your snowboarding experience with SKS Racing Universal Wax, providing enhanced speed and control across different temperature conditions.