Dominic Palarchio Alpine Valley

This past Saturday we held a Winter Waves Snow Surf Contest and Rail jam at Alpine Valley and it could not have gone better. Tons of rippers and friends made their way to Alpine Valley from all over the state to shred with us. The weather was perfect, the riding insane and the park set up was all time.

Andrew Carrol on doghouse
Divided into two events we had a best trick jam format on the Pines tow rope park and a snow surf jam in the snow gun piles (more on that later)

Alec Ash bs lip
Alec Ash backlippin his Degenerati Snowboard

a·près-ski from Fritz Pfaff on Vimeo.

Dominic Palarchio Handplant on rainbow
This rainbow rail got sessioned hard, but my favorite thing was  Dominic's hand drag over it on his fresh Public Snowboard

Chad Wolf on an old ForumThe OG Chad Wolfe broke out a Forum to find tranny on this rail. Style is timeless.

Photos by John Kubiak.

Video by Fritz Pfaff

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