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The Knob Project Video

The Knob Project was a collaboration between Pine Knob Resort in Clarkston, Michigan and Snowboy Productions to bring a world renowned park crew into town to make an already great park, even greater! Mix in some hot up-and-coming riders, some of our snowboard team, Dan Pergrin on the editing (He filmed and edited The Interior Plain Project Retrograde video)and you have a recipe for some serious fun! Riders in order of appearance: Casey Mitchell, Alex Kirkland, Dusty Miller, Bryden Bowley, Peter Limberg, Dylan Okurowski, Denver Orr, Alexis Roland, Matt Dunn, Louie Arrigoni, Jack Reid, Matt Ruhle, Lily Calabrese, John Garoutte, Keegan Hosefros, Jack Harris, Andrew Carroll, Sierra Forchheimer, Naima Antolin, Zeb Powell, Dan Pergrin, Cole Linzmeyer, Aaron Kiser, Mike Skiba,...

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~People by Dominic Palarchio

~ People, like my previous snowboarding films, attempts to end complacency of the genre’s conventions. While paying to snowboard at a resort can be viewed as bourgeois, street snowboarding has always been a reinterpretation of the built environment. I’m interested in taking that thought a step further by incorporating outside influences. Through careful curation we selected a majority of dilapidated post industrial locations in the rust belt cities of Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo. Visual acts of snowboarding thus can begin to represent the regrowth of these areas plagued by late-capitalism. Most notable of the selection is a modernist ‘adventure park’ designed by acclaimed architect Richard Dattner. Once a symbol of progress it reflected the children’s interests rather than...

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"Booyah" Cannonsburg edit by Nathan Kudla

Nathan Kudla brings some heat to a cold day at Cannonsburg with this edit! Our guy, Brett Kulas flexin' his Public Snowboards gear and all the homies from the otherside of the state are rippin'! Featuring: Jacob Craffey, Harrison McIlhargey, Nathan Kudla, Linden Cool, Brent Behm, Noah Genzink, Micah Sienkowski, Harry Machiela, Jake DeVries, and Brett KulasBooyah!

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